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WhatsApp and TikTok: how to watch videos in the background while you chat

On various mobile devices Android and iOS, background video playback has been enabled. This means you can perform other actions on your phone while a video is playing on a smaller screen. WhatsApp and TikTok They combine very well with this tool.

While direct and live broadcasts are made in the Chinese application, you can chat on WhatsApp or use another app. Only, it is necessary that you follow the following steps to be able to achieve it.

How to use WhatsApp and TikTok at the same time?

First of all, you must update the operating system of your cell phone and then check the App Store and Google Play if you have the latest updates of the two applications.

Next, you must open TikTok and press the TV LIVE button in the upper left. There, you will find different streams from friends and other content creators.

To be able to activate playback in the background, you only need to press the share button. You will not send it to a contact, you just need to activate the option “Paint-in-picture (PiP)”.

In case you are using iOS, you will find this tool in the settings wheel at the bottom. It’s that simple, you can run both apps at the same time.

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