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WhatsApp debuts a new voice memo player in the beta version, this is how it works

No doubt WhatsApp It is one of the most used applications during the confinement of the coronavirus. It helped us stay in contact with family, colleagues and organize meetings of all kinds to avoid contagion. During 2021, we have seen the evolution of the app with new tools such as joining a missed group video call.

If you are part of the beta service, you may be among the first to start testing these tools and features that will be introduced in the app. Recently, a new way to play voice memos has been reported.

Last year, WhatsApp had already introduced changes to this element. Like for example, the padlock was added to avoid keeping your finger on the record button. In turn, we can now listen to the audios before sending them.

This time, in the beta version, the option to listen to the audio in the background has been added. If you press the ‘play’ button on the audio and exit the app, you will still hear the message. It even works if you have locked the device.

The audio will only stop if you force close the app or enter the chat in question to stop playback. For now, this tool is being tested on iOS mobiles, it is expected that it will reach Android in the following weeks.

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