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WhatsApp finally adds the “more reactions” button in the beta version

WhatsApp It has beta servers where only a handful of users around the world can access the new tools before their implementation in the final version of the app. A few months ago, the development company confirmed that the inclusion of reactions is working on these servers.

The objective is that other communication apps from the same company, such as Messenger, work in the same way. For this reason, WhatsApp works on reactions to chat bubbles.

It is only necessary to press and hold a bubble to bring up various options such as “Copy and paste” or reactions. In the first massive implementation of the tool, only up to 5 emojis were allowed.

You could react with the thumbs up, with hearts or different faces. However, in the latest WhatsApp beta patch, the “more emojis” button has already been added. When you press it, a menu will appear with all the reactions that you can program.

WhatsApp is finally working on a new version that offers more reactions for a future app update. As you can see from this screenshot, WhatsApp plans to add a new plus button to the reaction bar in a future update – after tapping the new plus button, the user should be able to react to the message by choosing a different emoji.”, details the WaBetainfo portal.

WhatsApp finally adds the “more reactions” button in the beta version. (Photo: WaBetainfo)

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