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WhatsApp for iPhone: new features of the application in iOS 15

WhatsApp It is one of the most used applications on Android and iOS mobiles. However, did you know that the app is different in the two operating systems? Here we review some functions that you can use in the operating system of Apple devices, especially iOS 15.

Changes in voice messages

“Now you can pause and resume while recording voice messages. Try it out by swiping up to keep a recording and then tapping the ‘pause and ‘resume’ buttons,” the company details regarding changes to voicemails.

From now on you can pause the recording to better think about the ideas to be transmitted. In case you want to delete it, just hit the trash can on the left side of the voice memos.

Custom notifications

On your iPhone, thanks to the iOS 15 patch, you can configure notifications by applications and this tool has been extended to WhatsApp. You can select the contacts you want to read in the notifications that appear when your mobile is suspended.

In turn, you will now be able to see the profile picture of your WhatsApp contact when notifications arrive. Siri can also notify you when a message arrives from the communication app.

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