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WhatsApp: for these reasons the app will suspend your account on May 31

Do you already have the latest version of WhatsApp? The app belonging to Meta has added a tool that many have been asking for: reactions. Through them you can express your feelings in front of a certain individual or group conversation. But it is not the only thing, you also have the messages that disappear in 24 hours without leaving any kind of trace.

However, in order to curb bad people, WhatsApp will take a radical measure, the same one that it always enables each month: it will suspend certain accounts from May 31. Why? Here at MAG we explain it to you.

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  • False promotions: In general, these messages are intended to be massively disclosed for different purposes, both economic and political, including obtaining personal data from users to send them viruses, to impersonate their identity.
  • Rumors: If you are one of the people who only share disinformation that produces chaos, paranoia and even slaughter, you can also be sanctioned. This should be verified as long as users report that someone is sending that type of content.
  • Write amen and send it to more people: Some users still do not realize that if you forward a certain message, nothing will happen, even if it tells you that “you will earn more than a million dollars if you do not do it”.
Remember that if you fail to comply with any fault, WhatsApp will send you a message. (Photo: MAG – Rommel Yupanqui)
  • WhatsApp will never close: Although the application may crash from time to time, the application will never close since communication depends a lot on users and they provide what they want to have in the application and how to make the most of it.
  • WhatsApp groups: You should never put the name “Pedophilia” on your conversation, otherwise WhatsApp will block not only you, but also the members of that group.


  • The first thing will be to enter WhatsApp.
  • Now go to Settings and click on Account.
  • At that moment you should go to Security.
  • There you will see an active tab that says “Show security notifications on this phone”.
  • Just disable it.
  • With this you will never see the message “Change the security code” of a certain person.
  • Remember that WhatsApp always changes the security code so that your conversations are encrypted from end to end.
  • That way no one but you and your interlocutor will be able to know what you are talking about.
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