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WhatsApp guide to know if someone has your number without you knowing

WhatsApp It is the most popular application in the world, so it is strange that no one has an account on the platform. Now that everyone is there does not mean that our information should be in everyone’s hands. This is how it is very useful to know how someone has your number without you knowing it.

Well it is true that WhatsApp does not offer this information, so users must resort to a simple trick to get a clear idea of ​​who has your phone number, whether they are old friends, ex-coworkers or relatives.

The procedure is as follows: create a new broadcast list, send any message through the list, and wait for the recipients to read the message.

Then, you must click on the message and go to the “Info” option. There WhatsApp It will show the telephones of those who have received and read the message, also in the case of people who have our WhatsApp number as a contact, even if they are not included among those that we keep in the agenda.

In case you want to limit your public profile information, it is best to go to the privacy settings so that you can decide who can see your connection time, profile photo and status. WhatsApp allows you to choose between “Only my contacts” or “Nobody”, so you will have to make a decision that can affect several contacts.

Another option is to directly block the person in question who has your phone number. You must first add it to your agenda and then proceed to the “Block” option.

WHATSAPP | How to merge emojis

Have you ever wanted to create your own emojis but merging those that already exist in WhatsApp? Luckily, you should not be a master in design to make your drawings come true, but go to a website created by Tikolu.

The page Emojimix is a space where users can mix emoticons to create new emojis in just seconds. They just have to choose two emojis, either randomly or by selecting manually, and wait a moment for the system to do its thing.

Once you have the design, you can download the image as a PNG file. You can also get a link to the file or simply share it on social networks.

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