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WhatsApp guide to listen to your voice messages before sending them

Not while … Maybe you are one of those who listen to their own voice message after sending it by WhatsApp to see how well your ideas were heard. The problem is that the review is always done after sending the audio or, if you know the trick, you can leave the chat and return to hear the audio before sharing it. Luckily, the WhatsApp update makes this last process easier.

WhatsApp announced the preview of voice messages so that you can listen to the audio before sending it. It is the best way to know if the message is clear and the noise in the environment is not heard.

You can follow these steps so that they can review the audios before sending them by WhatsApp. Of course, download the most recent update of the application through the virtual store of your operating system.

  • Open an individual or group chat
  • Tap and slide the microphone icon up to lock hands-free recording
  • Record the message
  • Touch the stop icon and then touch the play icon to listen to the recording. You can also press anywhere in the recording to listen to it from that specific point
  • Touch the trash can icon to delete the voicemail, or the send icon to send it.

Remember that audios can be previewed from the hands-free recording interface. If you press the microphone icon to record and do not swipe up, the audio will be sent immediately without the possibility of previewing.

WHATSAPP | The third check

This is a feature that is not even in the beta version of WhatsApp, it means that it is only a rumor. According to the information released by the medium Infobae, the third blue popcorn would appear in the future when you take a screenshot in a group conversation. The following notice will appear: “User (xxx) has taken a screenshot. For your safety, do not provide any type of personal information, you could be the victim of fraud or extortion “.

Suddenly there will be many divided opinions in case this tool is implemented, but it could be very useful and complement very well with the ‘See once’ function, because as you remember, when sending a photo or video with it, the Users are able to take screenshots without you noticing.

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