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WhatsApp: how to change the app logo for one with Santa Claus

The Christmas And like every December 25, people not only seek to decorate their houses with a reindeer, the tree or the nativity, but also their cell phones. That is why today we will show you all the steps you must do if you want to change the logo of WhatsApp by one of Santa Claus in a simple way.

For this you must have the application Nova Launcher on your cell phone, which not only allows you to change the aesthetics of your screen, but also to modify the icons such as the WhatsApp for one with Santa Claus.

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  • Once you have Nova Launcher on your Android cell phone, define what type of design you want your cell phone screen to have.
  • You can determine the style of the letters, dark or light mode, you also have the possibility to define the size of the icons.
  • Now look in Google the Santa Claus logo from WhatsApp.
  • Once you have found the one you like, click on the WhatsApp icon for about 2 seconds.
  • A floating window will appear. Tap on Edit.
In this way you can edit the WhatsApp logo in Nova Launcher and change it to a Santa Claus. (Photo: MAG)
  • Now a box will open where you will see the name of the app and the logo.
  • Click on the logo, applications and choose Photos.
  • Look for the logo that you have downloaded on your cell phone and replace it.
  • Finally click on Ready and you will already have the WhatsApp logo with Santa Claus included.
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