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WhatsApp: how to customize group notifications to differentiate them?

WhatsApp It has managed to get into the most downloaded applications on Android and iOS mobiles. At this time it has more than 2 billion users according to the State of Digital Statista and has gained popularity this year due to the confinements due to the coronavirus.

Not only does it allow us to send instant text messages to friends, but it also puts several tools at our fingertips such as creating and sending stickers, photos, videos, making video calls and creating groups for specific purposes.

In the latter case, during the Christmas season, groups are usually created to coordinate the exchange of gifts. Of course, it is somewhat annoying that all notifications are exactly the same in the app; to change them just follow these steps.

Enter the application and make sure in Google Play or App Store that it is updated. Next, enter the group you want to configure. In the menu you will find the “Personalize notifications” section and when activating it you must choose the tone, type of vibration and the notification color.

Do this with each of the groups to better organize your time. The moment a specific notification sounds, you will know exactly who is writing to you. It works for Android and iOS.

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