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WhatsApp: how to delete “writing” for life in the app

There are many functions that WhatsApp It has put all users, for example we have the tool that allows us to delete messages after 24 hours of having read it, or photos and images that disappear. But many also wish to hide the famous “writing”.

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How to hide “typing” from WhatsApp? Although it is one of the most recurrent questions that people ask, there is a trick to completely remove it from the app and thus go unnoticed. Follow all the steps.

Know the true method so that you never appear “typing” on WhatsApp. (Photo: MAG)


Activate “airplane mode”

One of the well-known tricks that does not go out of style is to be able to activate the “airplane mode” when we want to write a WhatsApp message. That way “typing” will never appear. You just have to lower the notification bar, click on “airplane mode” and then open WhatsApp to write the text. Finally deactivate the “airplane mode”.

Download WhatsApp Plus

One of the things that the WhatsApp Plus APK offers us is that it allows you to activate the “airplane mode” from the same application. That way the other person will not know that you are writing, nor will they notice that you are “online.”

Reply from notifications

Another trick, and one that very few know, is that when you reply to a person from the notification bar, they will not know when you are typing, because you are not in the same app. This can only be done at the moment on Android terminals.

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