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WhatsApp: how to download your vaccination certificate in Mexico

Are you from Mexico and want to have your vaccination certificate against Covid-19 on hand? Now there is a WhatsApp exclusive to be able to ask for your card. This is official and was made by the Health Secretary of the Aztec country. Always remember to have it at hand.

Vaccination certificate against Covid-19 It is a document that certifies that the person has the necessary doses to defend themselves against the coronavirus. It lists the doses you gave yourself, the brand, and when you got it. Even this pass is necessary in case you want to enter an establishment and that is why WhatsApp is one of the easiest apps to access it.

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  • The first thing you should do is register the official number of the Secretary of Health.
  • This is +56 17 13 05 57. Remember that it must be saved on your mobile.
  • Now go to WhatsApp.
  • There click on “send new message” and find the user you want to send a WhatsApp message to.
  • After that you must write the word ‘Hello’ to start the conversation with the bot.
  • The response will be automatic and you will be shown the option to download the vaccination certificate.
This way you can access your vaccination certificate against Covid-19 in Mexico using WhatsApp. (Photo: MAG)
  • You must reply to the message sent to you with the word ‘certificate’
  • Now write the name without surnames, the date of birth, CURP, brand of the vaccine and the number of doses
  • The WhatsApp bot will provide you with various options in its response.
  • Select the second and re-enter the CURP found on your identity document.
  • The answer will arrive in a PDF file or an image by WhatsApp, which you can download and print.
  • You can also save it in your cell phone documents so you always have it at hand.
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