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WhatsApp: how to prevent someone from knowing that I have heard an audio?

Privacy is something that you should always prioritize on the Internet. Try not to share private information such as credit card numbers or your home address on websites that you do not consider trustworthy. On the other hand, in social networks we must take a look at the configuration sections to determine if our information is really safe. Learn here how to improve privacy in WhatsApp.

In a last note, we warn you that you can delete the last connection date so that your contacts do not know how often you use the app. You can review the case in the following link.

Now, it’s time to review your voice memos. It has become more and more popular to send audios instead of writing on WhatsApp. Even so, the two checks are marked blue when you see the message and the sender is notified when you have heard it.

Well, there is a trick with which you can prevent someone from knowing when you have heard it. Basically, you need to start a conversation with yourself in order for the history to be created.

Next, go to the chat where the voice message has been sent to you and hold it down for a few moments. You will have to forward it to your personal chat and listen to it elsewhere.

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