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WhatsApp: how to transfer your contacts from Android to iPhone

Have you been given an iPhone and you don’t want to lose your contacts from WhatsApp of your cell phone with Android? Although there are programs for this to be done in a simple way, they can be harmful since you would have to give them permission to access the list of your mobile number.

For this there is a simple one in case you have an Android device and you need to copy all your contacts to an iPhone. Best of all, this is done quickly so that you do not lose anyone from your chat chats. WhatsApp.

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  • The first thing you should do is make a copy of all your contacts on Google.
  • To do this, go to your Android device and open the Contacts app.
  • Now go to Settings and click on Manage contacts.
  • In the lower area you will see the Import option.
  • Press it and click on the option “File.vcf”.
  • At that time choose the Google account where you want to sync your contacts.
In this simple way you can transfer all your WhatsApp contacts from Android to iPhone without programs. (Photo: MAG)
  • When the process is finished go to your iPhone cell phone.
  • There go to Settings and click on Contacts.
  • Now click on Accounts, Add account, and choose Google.
  • Once you have entered your username and password, all the contacts you had on your Android will be copied.
  • That way you will never lose a WhatsApp contact from your Android cell phone to iPhone again.
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