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WhatsApp in 2021: the best changes that came to the Android and iOS mobile application

WhatsApp became one of the most blatant mobile apps in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many workers were confined to home but continued their activities through different communication applications and work meetings, such as Zoom.

In the case of the Meta (formerly Facebook) application, it was updated with several patches to improve its streaming services for video calls. In turn, they tweaked the voice messages to be able to listen to them at a higher speed. These are some changes that we saw in the app during 2021.

WhatsApp changes in 2021

  • Terms of Service: the great controversy of 2021 came with the changes of the terms of service. After announcing that they would share information with Facebook, many users abandoned the application. From that moment, they began an information campaign to prevent the escape.
  • Calls in the PC application: WhatsApp web now allows you to make video calls to all your contacts; as well as making group video calls, like work rooms like Zoom.
  • Speed ​​up voice memos– The recorded messages without becoming more popular on WhatsApp. As expected, voice memos can now be sped up by up to 2 speed. You will no longer have to waste time in the app.
  • WhatsApp Business: For now, the application has begun to test the business service in some countries. Basically, you can contact different stores and even make online sales. Brazil is one of the countries selected for the beta.
  • Stickers, edited photos and more: WhatsApp now has a native photo editor and sticker maker. In the first case, it is only necessary to start editing (add letters, cut or paste) before sending. On the other hand, the same photos can be inserted as stickers in the app.
  • Move chats from iOS and Android: Meta is still working on an option to export your chats when you migrate from cell phones. In the past you lost all content.

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