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WhatsApp: these emojis you can use to accompany your Christmas greetings

The countdown has begun to arrive on December 25, the day when Christmas is celebrated in different parts of the world, however, surely due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, for this opportunity you will only spend it with your family nuclear, means parents with their children, so today we will teach you the best emojis with their respective meanings that you can use to send a greeting to your other loved ones through WhatsApp.

In total there are four emojis and they are distributed in different categories: ‘Emoticons and people’, ‘Animals and Nature’ and ‘Objects’. As you remember, WhatsApp has more than three thousand emojis to offer you, but, the icons of ‘Santa Claus’,’ Mrs. Claus’, ‘Christmas Tree’ and ‘Gift Wrapped’, are shared most frequently during the month of December.

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Also known as ‘Santa Claus’, it is an emoji that represents a huge subject dressed in red, with a long beard and white hair, because his mission is to bring gifts and joy to all the children of the world during the Christmas season. It is important to clarify that the emoji of WhatsApp allows you to change the skin tone to light, medium, dark, and very dark, reported the web portal Emojipedia.


It is about ‘Mother Christmas’, also known as the wife of ‘Santa Claus’, shown as an older woman with glasses and a festive red-and-white hat. Without a doubt, a very useful emoji when you want to send greetings to your grandparents or elderly uncles.


At Christmas it is a custom that nativity scenes or Christmas trees made with evergreen leaves are placed, decorated with lights, balls of different colors and on top crowned with a bright yellow star. It is usually sent by WhatsApp in the month of December, although it is also shared when you are talking about the holidays or winter.


It is a present or gift inside a box tied with a bow, the latter can vary in color, as some platforms created it in red, blue or yellow. WhatsApp designed the emoji to tell someone that you are bringing them a gift for their birthday, Christmas, holidays, celebrations, or special occasions.

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