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WhatsApp Web: how to download the states of your friends on PC without programs

Did you know about this sensational trick? WhatsApp It is one of the social networks that has many functions; however, most are only limited to sending texts, but also have the option to hang up state. How can I download them on PC using whatsapp web?

Although this was just a tool that could be accessed in the hidden folders of your smartphone, whatsapp web It also has the quality to be able to obtain that image that a friend of yours or relative has decided to hang in their states or also called status, in English.

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  • The first thing will be to enter WhatsApp Web from any browser.
  • Once you can open your conversations on the PC, now go to the States section.
  • At that moment you will have to open the State and now right click on it.
  • Click on inspect. If it doesn’t appear, simply press F12.
  • There click on the Network section.
  • With this you can simply see that 4 elements appear headed by the word block.
  • Then at the bottom click on Media.
In order to access the WhatsApp Web statuses you must press F12. (Photo: MAG)
  • One of them has the figure of jpge.
  • Click it and the image or status will open on the big screen.
  • With this, just right click and save how.
  • Save it and that’s it, you will have already downloaded the status of WhatsApp Web without the need to use programs and on the PC.
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