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WhatsApp: what does “forwarded many times” mean in the app

Have you ever wondered what is “forwarded many times” in WhatsApp? Every time we want to save ourselves copying and pasting a message, we tend to forward a text. However, an annoying notification lands on the image, video or conversation.

As you know WhatsApp has limited the forwarding of messages worldwide. Currently you can only reuse a text 5 times. What does “forwarded many times” mean? Here we tell you in detail so that you have no doubts.

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  • According to whatsapp website the “forwarded many times” text appears when a message has been sent more than 5 times to a person.
  • If the sender sent that WhatsApp message to 5 different users and then you decided to send it to 5 more people, then the text in question will appear.
  • It should be noted that the only way to remove this sentence is to copy and paste the WhatsApp message.
In this way WhatsApp explains the difference between “forwarded” and “forwarded many times”. (Photo: WhatsApp)
  • In case you opt for the traditional way of forwarding, there will be no escape.
  • The purpose of WhatsApp is to protect the privacy of how many times the message has been sent. In this way, the spread of rumours, viral messages and fake news is also minimized.
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