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WhatsApp: why you shouldn’t send the black heart emoji to your friends


WhatsApp Not only is it full of emojis, but each of them also has a totally different meaning so that you can use it in your everyday conversations so you can better express what you want. But nevertheless, you must always be careful with what you send, one of the controversial emoticons is the one with the black heart or black heart.

While there are hearts in WhatsApp for all tastes, here we will provide you with a series of details so that you do not get confused by sending the black heart your friends indiscriminately. Follow these recommendations.


It does not serve to express love

The black heart does not serve to express love. For this, WhatsApp has placed the one with a red hue, the same one that does mean that you love the other person. If you send the emoji in mention of someone, you may be transmitting grief.

Not to indicate friendship

Like love, the black heart does not mean a sincere friendship, on the contrary, you assure that the friendships have ended or you have had an episode that culminated in the loss of something valuable.

The black heart is found in the objects and symbols section of WhatsApp. (Photo: MAG)

Sign of mourning or loss of someone you love

If you want to send someone the black heart, you will be giving your condolences in case you have lost a loved one. You can read this meaning in Emojipedia, the website that is responsible for explaining all the WhatsApp icons.

An unrequited love

In case someone has rejected you, Emojipedia also mentions that the black heart serves to express that a person has not decided to accept a relationship with you and, as a consequence, you may lose that person’s friendship.



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