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Where to download and install the YX WhatsApp APK: latest version

WhatsApp continues to bring a number of functions to all its users in the world, but there are certain details that are still quite limited. That is why several have decided download the latest version of YX WhatsApp, the pink app also known as feminine.

YX WhatsApp It is based on Fouad WhatsApp and has the functions very similar to WhatsApp from Meta. In addition to sending all the messages you want, you also have the opportunity to change the complete color of the platform or activate the “airplane mode”.

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YX WhatsApp is characterized by being totally pink. Some call it feminine WhatsApp. (Photo: YX WhatsApp)

When you have the APK downloaded to your cell phone, you must delete the original WhatsApp and leave no trace of the app. To do this, go to Settings, Applications and search for WhatsApp. If you find any files, delete them. That way you will not have problems when installing YX WhatsApp.

The latest version of YX WhatsApp is number 9.05 and you can find it on the websites that we have mentioned. This corrects countless errors, especially in the sound of notifications, airplane mode, among others.

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