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windows 10
windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest version of the Microsoft operating system and represents a series of relevant changes in the way the OS is produced, distributed and maintained by the American developer. Unlike previous editions, Windows 10 is sold as a service: instead of Windows 11, for example, users receive major updates, which promote the addition of new features and technologies for free and horizontally, since everyone you have access to this news.

From the point of view of usability, Windows 10 presents a revisited design that seeks to end the heavy criticisms that accompanied the cycle of Windows 8 and 8.1 and its interface developed for touch screens. With a more conventional approach, Windows 10 works well on touch screens and desktops.

Windows 10 Update packages

Since launching in 2015, Windows 10 has received two major update packages: Anniversary Update, which was released to mark the system’s one-year anniversary, and Creators Update, released in April 2017 and focused on entertainment and production creative.

Windows 10 Start menu

One of the major controversies surrounding Windows 8 revolved around the absence of the traditional Start menu. The feature, which came back in Windows 8.1, is a central part of the experience of using Windows 10 in its desktop version and features a wide variety of customization modes to please users.

Windows 10 Paint 3D

Microsoft’s traditional drawing application has gained a marked boost with the Creators Update. In this new version, Paint allows the realization of three-dimensional drawings from the use of easy tools, in an effort to make the creation of this type of image easier and simpler.

Windows 10 Game Mode

Another new feature of the Creators Update for Windows 10 is the game mode. With the feature enabled, Windows shuts down services that end up stealing performance and directs the full potential of the computer to games, thus ensuring better performance when playing.

Windows 10 Multiple work areas

Common on other systems, multiple desktops finally came to Windows with version 10. By clicking on a button located on the taskbar, a new desktop with programs and independent folders can be created to offer more organization to the computer.

The user can test the Windows + Tab key combination, like a more luxurious version of Alt + Tab. But instead of switching applications, the shortcut will show the resource’s Expose (or Mission Control) style interface, where they can create or switch between multiple desktops. In addition, you can press Ctrl + Windows + right or left, to move between virtual desktops.

To make managing all of this possible, a new task view button has been added to the Windows bar. When you click on it, it is displayed basically the same as in the ALT + TAB key combination. However, at the bottom, a list of open desktops appears and, when hovering over items, an option is offered to close apps, add or remove desktops.

“Modern” apps on windows

In this version, all applications, even those made for the “Modern” interface – formerly Metro – of Windows, are inside a complete window and integrate well with the Desktop, and can even be resized, maximized and minimized. In the new system, “Modern” apps and common programs will work side by side in resizable windows.

Windows 10 New tabs in Explorer

In this version of the system, the “Computer” tab was removed and the app received the “Share” and “Home” tabs, in addition to the traditional “Files” and “View”.

The new tab called “Home”, works as a standard home page when opening a new program window. This window shows the locations you have marked as favorites, as well as your recently used files and folders. To top it off, Windows Explorer allows you to pin your favorite folders to Home for easy access to them. Although simple, the feature stands out for giving more agility when accessing files and folders.

Windows 10 Cortana

One of the biggest news in Windows 10 is the personal assistant Cortana. It was born on Windows Phone and is one of the best features of this system, which now reaches Windows 10. It can be called by means of simple voice commands like “Hey Cortana” and allows you to choose a song, open presentations, consult the forecast of the weather or emails using only your voice.

Windows 10 New settings app

The old “PC Settings” gained a simple and intuitive replacement, which will make the user’s life easier when configuring his computer. It was developed to remember the old Control Panel and has a set of new icons. The application is organized by configuration area and helps the user to get straight to the point.

Xbox One on Windows

Windows is now more integrated than ever with the Microsoft console. Along with the new operating system comes a revamped Xbox app with a list of games and friends, including Xbox Live chat. The “My Games” interface organizes the content in columns, making design and usability very similar on the desktop, tablet, and smartphone. In it, you can post on your timeline, see the activities of your friends, watch gameplay videos on DVR and much more. With the program, it is also possible to interact with friends from Xbox Live on the computer.

But the best novelty is a feature that competes with Playstation 4’s Remote Play: in the new Windows, Xbox One games can be transmitted over the network and played on any Windows 10 device without the help of wires. With that, it is possible to use the scene recording feature to create gameplay videos and even edit them on the PC, to share on social networks.

Windows 10 System search

The Windows search engine is now fixed to the Start Menu and the Taskbar, making it easier to use and the user’s life. With Windows search, it is possible to find not only files and documents but also apps installed on the PC and results on the web.

Windows 10 OneDrive

The one drive also received some improvements in its operating method. Now the user can now choose the files to be stored in the cloud. It is also possible to choose the location where the document will be saved, even when the computer is without an Internet connection.

Windows 10 Native support for MKV files

Very popular, the MKV multimedia file format is now supported natively by the system. That is, files in this format can be played directly in Windows Media Player, as well as in the applications of your choice, without the need to install codecs. The support is so complete that the system displays thumbnails and metadata of the files in Windows Explorer.

Windows 10 Support for DLNA technology

Microsoft has also improved support for DLNA or Digital Living Network Alliance technology. This will make it much easier to integrate the PC with media devices, and listening to music or watching computer videos on your TV will be much simpler.

Windows 10 Notification Center

Following a trend in mobile systems and OS X, the new Windows now has a notification center. It displays interactive alerts that can be executed instantly and can be accessed through a balloon-shaped button located near the clock. When new notifications arrive, the Central button is filled; otherwise, it displays only outlines.

Windows Central also brings quick shortcuts for the user to switch between tablet and computer mode, connect to other wireless devices, access settings, use VPN, airplane mode, among others. All very similar to what is found in Windows Phone and Android phones.

Windows 10 Microsoft Edge: the new IE successor browser

Result of the long-awaited Project Spartan, the new browser from Microsoft promises to surpass the current Internet Explorer in performance and features. Visually it is very similar to Google Chrome: tabs are at the top and the rest is just below.

In the new browser, Microsoft invested in a reading mode for news sites, handwritten notes and synchronized with OneDrive and, of course, integration with voice assistant Cortana. Like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge will also support add-ons, plugins, and extensions.

Our opinion

Windows 10 is the result of a joint effort by Microsoft with its users and a great self-criticism of the Technical Preview versions. The result is a system with good functions and that delivers a great user experience.

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest highlights of this new version of the system is the personal assistant Cortana. Just like it did on Windows Phone, it has the potential to change the experience of using the system on the desktop.

Although it does not bring new functionality, the Edge stands out for giving a new chance to a browser from Microsoft, since Internet Explorer has lost its space and the friendliness of users over the past few years.

Beyond its novelties, one of the main merits of Windows 10 is the functionality that the system brought from other systems such as multiple desktops, the Notification Center and other changes. This facet of the new system helps users to have more resources at their disposal, without having to use other systems.

However, compared to other systems, Windows 10 still owes the customization options of the interface. It even allows a certain degree of modification of the standard look, but it is little compared to its competitors. For the user who likes a different appearance, it only remains to use third-party programs, which may be unstable and, so far, are not yet compatible with the new system.


  • Great performance and beautiful and pleasant interface
  • Cortana in Portuguese is a positive differentiator
  • Edge browser draws attention for speed
  • Update packages are free and bring lots of news to everyone


  • Privacy issues are still a sensitive topic
  • Possibilities of interface customization are still limited
  • In a world of free operating systems, the R $ 469 price of Windows 10 scares


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