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With Martins at the helm: those summoned from Bolivia to collide with Venezuela and Chile

On the eve of Christmas, the selection of Bolivia announced its list of summoned with a view to the parties before Venezuela and Chile, within the framework of the fifteenth and sixteenth day, respectively, of the Qualifying Qatar 2022. The list is made up of a total of 34 footballers.

On the payroll, Marcelo Moreno Martins, current scorer of the qualifying contest, could not miss, with nine annotations. With his record, the member of the Brazilian Cruzeiro surpasses stars such as Neymar, Lionel Messi and Luis Suárez.

Moreno Martins is one of the eleven attackers considered by the Venezuelan coach of the ‘Verde’, César Farías, who dreams of guiding the altiplanic four to a World Cup event, something that that team has not achieved since the United States 1994.

Those summoned from Bolivia to collide with Venezuela and Chile.

Currently, the Bolivian team is located in the eighth box of the table, with fifteen points, the product of four victories, three draws and seven defeats. The ‘Green’, with those numbers, is only two units away from the World Cup qualifying positions.

From the Bolivian list, Carlos Lampe, Jesús and José Sagredo, Diego Bejarano, Alejandro Chumacero, Juan Carlos Arce and Marcelo Martins stand out.

Bolivia will visit Venezuela this Friday, January 28, at the Rafael Agustín Tovar Stadium, in Barinas. Four days later (Tuesday, February 1), Moreno Martins and company will face Chile at the Hernando Siles Stadium, in La Paz.

These are the summoned from Bolivia:

  • Archers: Carlos Lampe, Rubén Cordano and Jhohan Gutiérrez.
  • Defenses: Jesús Sagredo, Diego Bejarano, Adrián Jusino, Marc Enoumba, Jairo Quinteros, José Sagredo, Leonardo Zabala, Sebastián Álvarez, Jairo Velasco and Samuel Guzmán.
  • Midfielders: Rodrigo Ramallo, Erwin Saavedra, Fernando Saucedo, Leonel Justiniano, Moisés Villarroel, Pablo Lima, Alejandro Chumacero, Franz González and Juan Carlos Arce.
  • Forwards: Jeyson Chura, Bruno Miranda, Víctor Abrego, Marcelo Moreno Martins, Juan Carlos Montenegro, Henry Vaca, Miguel Terceros, José Flores, Nelson Orozco, César Menacho and John García.

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