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With this Google Photos widget you can place your pet’s images on the home screen

Google Photos surprised with a new tool for those lovers of animals, because a few months ago, this platform had added customizable ‘memories’ widget, a function that was responsible for rescuing the oldest photos that were stored on the mobile device; However, now, they have implemented another option called ‘People and pets’, with this you can have as a widget the photo of your dog, cat, parrot, etc., Do you want to know how to do it? here you will find out.

As you remember, in the first widget of ‘Your memories’, the app itself showed you at its discretion the “oldest” photos that could be between two weeks to a decade old, it means that it is random, however , with the second widget named ‘People and Pets’, Google Photos allows you to previously review the photos that you like the most to place them in your memories.

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  • First, make sure Google Photos do not have pending updates on Google Play.
  • Now, go to the home screen of the cell phone and make a pincer movement with your hands, so the screens will float.
  • At the bottom you will get many options, one of them says ‘Widget’, press it.
  • Here, the cell phone will show you all the apps that have widgets, choose the one that says Google Photos, press and hold it and drag it to the home screen.
  • Finally, go to the screen where the widget is, touch it and choose a total of 10 ‘Faces’ of your friends, family, or pets.
  • You can even add up to a total of six frames to each image and change the size of the widget.
Preview of the second widget ‘People and pets’ (Photo: Xataka Android)

How to find screenshots faster in Google Photos

  • Take a screenshot.
  • Login to Google Photos from your Android mobile.
  • At the top you will get the following notice: “Screenshots: (x) new”, click.
  • It will automatically redirect you to the ‘Screenshots’ section.
  • Click for a few seconds on an image and select the ones that you think are not useful for you.
  • Finally, tap on the can icon located in the upper right corner to perform a bulk delete.

How to know how much space you have left in Google Photos

In order for you to manage your storage space in the application, you have to go to the following website: Storge, here you can see the total availability that you have left and an estimate of time to occupy it in its entirety. Likewise, it will detail in megabyte (MB) or Gigabyte (GB) the weight of each image or video, as well as the space occupied in Google Drive and Gmail. Remember that Google Photos now it shares storage with these last two platforms.

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