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You will be surprised what happens if you open 100 tabs in Google Chrome’s incognito mode

Google Chrome It has its own version for mobile devices, which is also the most used in the world over other major search engines such as: Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, etc .; However, most users do not know the curious secrets or ‘Easter eggs’ that the aforementioned browser hides, one of them appears when you open 100 tabs in incognito mode, do you want to know what happens? We will reveal it below.

Before you begin What is the incognito mode of Google Chrome? It is about one or more tabs where, when performing a search, it does not store anything in the browsing history. You can enter this mode by opening the mobile app and clicking on the three vertical dots located in the upper right, several options will be displayed, but you have to choose the one that says ‘New incognito tab’.

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Knowing this, in incognito mode you also have the ability to open many tabs, because as in normal browsing, Chrome here it indicates the number of open pages at the top, however, the same does not happen if you browse from a computer or laptop. Do you know what would happen if you open 100 or more tabs in incognito mode from your Android cell phone? You will be surprised to know the result, because after 99 you will no longer see a number, but a curious gesture.

In the next image that we attach, we open 100 tabs in incognito mode and we got the emoji or icon of a smiling wink;), the Mountain View people have not commented on this secret, since they usually do not answer why they create them, likewise They like that it is the users themselves who discover and spread these Easter eggs.

At the top you can see the smiling wink (Photo Mag)

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