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You will have to wait: Edwin Cardona and the reason that postponed his presentation in Racing

integration of Edwin cardona to the training sessions Racing Club, his new team after leaving Boca Juniors, was not this Wednesday, as scheduled. His presence at the ‘Academy’ will have to wait, after the Colombian recently tested positive for COVID-19.

“It is reported that Edwin Cardona, recently incorporated into the institution, was tested for having been a close contact of a coronavirus case and the result of the analysis was positive. The footballer will remain isolated until he receives medical discharge., reported the Argentine club in a medical report, spread on social networks.

Cardona arrived in Argentina on Monday after a few days off in Colombia. Knowing the decision of the ‘Xeneize’ not to exercise the purchase option, Racing Club was interested in him and agreed to his arrival. In addition to his first session under the orders of Fernando Gago, the coffee grower would be officially presented. However, the event was also postponed.

“They told me wonders about the club, several colleagues spoke to me on Instagram. With Gio (Moreno) I also have a very good relationship, we were in Colombia and we met a lot and the truth is that I was excited by what they told me. Also, from what was seen when we were here in Argentina, very happy, because when we went to that stadium we felt euphoria. It’s nice to experience football like this, it’s a great club.” Cardona declared upon arriving in Argentine lands.

Cardona, so far, has been joined by defenders Facundo Mora and Gonzalo Piovi, forwards Gabriel Hauche, Enzo Copetti, Alexis Cuello and Tomás Chancalay, as new additions to Racing Club, which will have to face the Copa Sudamericana in 2022.

The Racing Club statement about Edwin Cardona.

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