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YouTube: how to close your account from unknown devices

In the last few days have you noticed that strange videos have appeared that you have not seen on Youtube either as recommendations or in your history? It is possible that you have left your account open on some unknown device and you don’t know which one. That is why today we will give you a trick to log out of all cell phones, computers or tablets where you logged in.

Remember that it is not necessary to have to install any third-party application to be able to know science to know from where they saw your account Youtube. It will be enough to follow the steps to the letter in order to eliminate that unknown device.

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  • The first thing will be to open YouTube from a PC or laptop.
  • Now you must click on your profile photo in the upper corner.
  • After that go to Settings.
  • Now go to “View or Configure account.”
  • At that point you will be taken to a new Google panel.
Remember to enter YouTube settings to be able to log out of all devices that you do not know. (Photo: MAG)
  • Press the “Security” tab and scroll down.
  • There you will see the “Your devices” section.
  • Enter it and start logging out of all smartphones, tablets or laptops where you placed your account.
  • If you don’t remember one, you’d better close everything completely.
  • That way, in case you need to open your account again, you will have to log in manually to ensure that it is you.
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