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YouTube: How to see “dislikes” in videos again

Can’t you see the “dislike” of all the videos posted on Youtube? The objective of the platform is that none of those who visualize a clip can see them and thus check the information of the clip to get out of the mystery if it works or not.

But nevertheless, This caused many users to protest after Youtube will remove the “dislikes” counter. That is why today we will provide you with a series of steps so that you can see again if the video you are watching has more “I don’t like it” than “I like it.

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  • The first thing will be to download an extension in case you use Google Chome.
  • This extension called “Return YouTube Dislike” will help you to return the counter of “dislike” in the videos.
  • To download it you must press this link.
  • Now you must press the icon that has the shape of a puzzle in the upper corner.
  • There, look for the “Return YouTube Dislike” application.
This extension will help you to see the “dislikes” of YouTube videos again. (Photo: MAG)
  • At that moment it will be shown to you in the Google Chrome bar.
  • Once done, go to any YouTube video.
  • In the lower area you will see that the “dislikes” or “I don’t like” the video already appear.
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