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YouTube: How to Try New Features Before All Your Friends

Do you want to have all the functions of Youtube before all your friends? If you want to join the group of people who want to try the next tools, then you have found the right place and here we will show you all the steps.

It should be noted that to use this simple trick you need to be a Premium user, otherwise a person who uses Youtube normal you will not be able to have these new tools. Furthermore, these functions are extracticly aimed at developers.

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  • As we inform you, the first thing will be to be a YouTube Premium user.
  • Now you only have to enter this link.
  • On that YouTube page, you will find the new features that you can try before they reach everyone.
  • For now you can access to pop the interesting moments of a video.
  • You also have the possibility to use the screen on screen (PIP) in the iOS terminals.
  • You can even sign up for the “Participate in User Experience Research” program.

Remember that YouTube will add several functions so that YouTube Premium users try it first and thus have a feedback on the product. Likewise, these tools can reach the platform, but the date of their massive dissemination is unknown.

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