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Zidane recalled a header against Materazzi at the 2006 World Cup: “He caused something by talking about my sister”

The 2006 World Cup was one of the most remembered by the French National Team. In that final, the header of Zinedine Zidane a Marco Materazzi which ended with the expulsion of the French. However, years later there have been various statements about what really happened to reach that measure. This time it was ‘Zizou’ who spoke to ‘L’Equipé’, implying that the Italian spoke badly about his family.

“He provoked something by talking about my sister Lila. I’m not proud of it, but it’s part of my career. At that time, I was more fragile. He did not insult my mother, but he did insult my sister, who at that time was with my mother and tired ”explained the former player of the France National Team.

Days before, he also spoke to Telefoot in remembrance of the issue and mentioned that this could have been controlled: “I think Lizarazu is the only one who could have contained me at that moment. It would have been important for him to be with me, by my side, but he cannot go back in time. I’m not proud of what I did, but it’s part of my career. There are always difficult moments and that was one of those “expressed Zizou.

In this way, one more chapter of history is reopened that set a precedent in the 2006 World Cup. Although it is true that that World Cup event was won by Italy, the memory is based on the header that Zidane gave to Materazzi as part of an exchange of words.

In the same interview with the portal, the former Real Madrid coach was asked about his future at a professional level and the option of joining PSG. Thus, he was emphatic saying that he still has to finish a chapter with the French National Team and the idea of ​​​​directing it is not elusive for him.

“I’m not done with ‘Les Bleus’. I am sure that one day I will be coach of France. I don’t know when, but I will be.”. In this way, he left his future more than open, but after PSG’s agreement with Galtier, everything indicates that he will take over the French bench after the World Cup.

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